Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Screw Blackberrys!!! Don't be offended!!!

I got verizon and a new phone!!! I ordered the Blackberry Tour on Sunday and it got here yesterday! I spent 45 minutes with it. Trying to figure out how to work it, how to move around, how to add contacts. And I gave up. The shit was too complicated. Sam got a Droid (which is idiot proof), and he had everything set up already.

Sooo, to make a long story short, I went to Verizon, returned my Blackberry and got a Droid also. It's awesome! I love it and the apps are great. The bill is going to be insane every month but we'll talk about that when it gets here.

The only thing wrong with it is that the battery doesn't last very long. But I usually carry my chargers around with me anyway.

Anyone else have a Droid? Any stories? LOL


Anonymous said...

What droid did you purchase? you should look into purchasing an external battery

tedcompany said...