Friday, May 21, 2010

Wanna Know Something Embarrassing?

I have psoriasis! And let me tell you, it's horrible!

I think I have a pretty mild case and in the last 2 months it has got a lot better. I use to have these scabby looking blotches all over my legs, but now they're gone. When I sweat I get blotches and these little white bumps on my hand and arm. They don't go away for like an hour after my bodys cold down.

It's pretty embarrassing and such a pain in the ass. I'm not sure if the issues when I sweat have anything to do with psoriasis but I don't know what else it could be or how to get rid of it.

If anyone else has psoriasis or eczema or anything like that, let me know what you use as treatments or if you've found a cure :)



Torn said...

I have a friend who tans regularly and it helps him out BIG TIME.. why I have no idea... but also get Tea Tree Oil, (real 100%) and add a few drops to all your lotions and shampoo and conditioner (after you test a small ammt on your skin) it will help! That cured my nephew and my daughter of their eczema woes!

Ana Reyes said...

Greetings from Spain!
All skin problems have a lot to do with stress, etc. I know how you feel...
It might sound stupid but try to relax everyday at least ten minutes. All by yourself. You can surf the web and seach for several ways of relaxation. And number two try to get Dead Sea products such as mud (yes mud!) Dead Sea Salts, Soap, Creams.
A good friend of mine has your same problem. It took him years to find out about this and now he says he can't live without his Dead Sea products and his 10 minute daily relaxation. If any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Take care. Ana

stuckinthemoment said...

hey! iv'e got bad eczema on my face, i use elidel cream, but its prescription so i think you'd need to see a dermatologist to get it? i'm sorry i cant be more help, i know its terrible to deal with!

sarah said...

cortisone works but of course you also need a prescription for that. usually cortisone is pretty much the last option though (at least here in europe). good luck!

Kannan said...

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