Sunday, June 20, 2010

So I Need to Get Into the Obsession

Everyone I work with and hang out with are obsessed with True Blood. We had HBO when the first season was on but I didn't see a point in watching it. I'm not one of those vampire crazed people. I'm thinking about renting the first season and just giving it a shot though.

Anyone like it? Not like it?

Let me know if it's worth it.


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StarzGazR said...

GIRL.. IM OBSESSED! its the best tv series!! get on it!

xmarksthespot229 said...

its really good... i got this guy into it that i like, but its really good. and if youre a reader the first season stays true to the books ( the sookie stackhouse book series by: charlaine harris)<--- its a pretty good book series
i recommend it :o)

A Fat Girl's Perspective said...

I blew through the books after I finished Twilight. Its suck a break from the Teenage Saga. Funny, sexy, dramatic. The books are wonderful. The books are each pretty short reads, but there are now 10 books. The tv show is great too, but it can get confusing b/c it kinda meshes some of the things in the books together. Give a try.