Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Saturday Night

Lately, Sam has been at work a lot, and since I don't have a job I've been at home a lot. So last night Sam got off work at 5 and I spent 2 hours trying to get all cute and pick out a cute little outfit. We went out to a local place that we go to eat at a lot and I had a caesar salad that was really good!

Sam got some kind of chicken something or other. We sat and talked for a while and it was so nice. I almost forgot what quality time was!.

THEN.... We went to go see Inception and I'm not going to spoil anything but it was amazing. It's a mind blowing movie. If you haven't seen it, you have to! But go to see it at a nice movie theater cuz the one that we went to smelled like giraffe piss. UGH!

Today, I'm going to clean up a little bit cuz I've been slacking big time.

I hope everyone had a really nice weekend! Take it easy today cuz Monday morning will be here before you know it! :(

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