Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 02 - What you did today

Well, it's only 9:45 am right now but I'll tell you what I've done already today and what I expect to do this afternoon.

I didn't go to sleep until like 4:30. I was up on tinychat with some goofballs that kept me up. After I got off that I was messing with Sam while he was sleeping. I was lightly running my finger over his face and I found it highly amusing when he'd rub his face to stop the tickling. Then I fell asleep for awhile and woke up at 7 am when Sam got up to get ready for work. Now I'm awake and watching Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince on TBS. I'll probably fall asleep pretty soon, then get up and get ready to do something with Sam tonight. Hopefully we'll go to the boardwalk or the beach or something. I feel like being around the ocean today.

That's about it :)

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