Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Police Academy, here I come...

After Sam went and got his video game I went to Barnes & Noble and got this book. I thought I'd get a little head start on being prepared for my future. I'm extremely serious about becoming a police officer. Sam has a friend who is a cop up in Jersey City. I would absolutely love to work in Jersey City! We're probably hanging out with him this weekend so I'll try and figure out what's going on with what I have to do to apply and take the written exam and stuff. I'm excited!!! Wish me luck!

First and Last Time for EVERYTHING!

Sam and I waited in this long ass line for like 45 minutes for the new Black Ops video game. When we first got there the line was outside but it quickly moved inside where it was hot as hell. I will never wait in a line for a video game again! I told Sam that we will never allow our children to play video games cuz if they do, they'll be addicted like these kids, and Sam for that matter. I thought the line would have been last night at midnight but it looks like a lot of people came after school and work. Shit is BONKERZ!


My hair was wayyyy too long and annoying so I decided to get it cut. It use to take me 15-20 minutes just to blow dry and now it takes me like a total of 10 minutes to finish doing my hair all together. It's A-fuckin-mazing..

But the woman that cut my hair had THEE worst manners ever! Didn't ask my name, didn't tell me her name, was cursing in front of everyone in the salon. She was a train wreck and she gave me bangs when I told her not to. Blah! Whatever. I'm just glad that it's cut and I feel a lot better about it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Don't Know What This Means...

But I've been listening to nothing but Etta James for the passed two days. I think I might be certifiably depressed. LOLLL! 

Oh, but I forgot to tell you guys that I've updated my other blog after like 2 full months of not even touching it. I'm going to update it again later this evening. Go check it out! 


Lucky me, right?! Blah. 

On a rather good note though, I woke up today feeling a lot better. Although my eyes are still pink and my throat is still scratchy... I didn't wake up miserable. 

Today I think I'm going to clean up the bedroom a little bit. Maybe try and disinfect everything. Then, I'm going to do some research on banks. Why, you may ask, am I going to research banks? Because Sam and I closed our account at TD Bank cuz they suck and now I'm thinking about going to Chase or maybe Citi Bank. I'm not sure yet. 

Sam doesn't get out of work until 9:30 so I'm stuck here all day alone as usual. Maybe I'll watch a movie or some tv or play some video games. Who knows?!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Of freakin' Course...

If having this stupid cold weren't enough... I'm pretty sure I now have pink eye! This is terrible!

I want to get better so that I can be cute again and stop looking like a train wreck. Oh well, soon enough I suppose.

Monday, November 1, 2010

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Update on Oxyelite Pro

Like the idiot that I am, I took my first pill the day before I left on  my trip back home. I thought to myself, "Katie, you know you're going to be eating terrible in Pittsburgh, maybe you should wait till you get back to begin taking them again." So I agreed with myself and didn't start really taking them till I got back. The pills made me very jittery and anxious. These are both noted side effects, but I didn't think they'd affect me like that considering I drink soda and caffeine like water. The first few days I was taking them I could handle all of that but when I kept taking them they kinda made my workouts harder to do cuz I was shaking and almost getting nauseous. 

I stopped taking them for a weekend when I went to Sam's sister's house, only cuz I forgot them. When I got back I started getting sick so I thought I'd wait till I feel better and ready to start working out again. 

They definitely made me lose weight. I was losing a little over a pound every day. They keep you from really getting hungry so you need to make sure that you eat while taking them. The pills also kept me from eating late night snacks and I think that really helped me. 

Just thought I'd update on this considering I got a few emails and comments about it.

Happy Monday everyone!

Rachel's Homecoming!

My sister is obviously the short one in the middle

This is her with her date Joe.

Rachel and I :)

I loved this little sitting sofa that they were sitting on! It's so cute!

So I did Rachel's hair and make up for the homecoming. We were going like 20 different ways with her hair and then finally didn't have time to do anything crazy, so we went kinda simple. My parents and I went to her friends house where everyone was meeting at to take pictures and it was a nightmare. All of the mothers were like, "look over here baby" "no look over here first" "I said, look over here!" MAD ANNOYING! 

After all of that, they went off to the homecoming for a lovely night of dancing and lollygagging. I had the tremendous pleasure of picking them all up at the dance and taking them to Fridays to eat afterwards. I thought they wouldn't take that long so I waited for them. I went driving around a little bit and even went into the bar for a beer. Needless to say the restaurant was packed with teenagers and people trying to watch the college football games. It took them over an hour to get their food and whatever. I tried to be patient and everything cuz I knew that this was their night and everything. After 12 they got back into the car and I was driving them home.  They were telling me that there were a ton of house parties and stuff that night which would obviously involve alcohol and drugs. Even though I use to partake in those kinds of activities I've always told Rachel and my youngest sister Nicole to not follow in my footsteps. I was so proud of Rachel for choosing to go to a restaurant instead of a stupid high school party. 

We got home and I showed her all of the pictures I took of her and her friends and she loved them and then went to bed. 

It was a great trip home but Rachel's homecoming was definitely the highlight for me. I love being a big sister. But sometimes I wish I lived closer so that I could be there for them.