Monday, November 1, 2010

Rachel's Homecoming!

My sister is obviously the short one in the middle

This is her with her date Joe.

Rachel and I :)

I loved this little sitting sofa that they were sitting on! It's so cute!

So I did Rachel's hair and make up for the homecoming. We were going like 20 different ways with her hair and then finally didn't have time to do anything crazy, so we went kinda simple. My parents and I went to her friends house where everyone was meeting at to take pictures and it was a nightmare. All of the mothers were like, "look over here baby" "no look over here first" "I said, look over here!" MAD ANNOYING! 

After all of that, they went off to the homecoming for a lovely night of dancing and lollygagging. I had the tremendous pleasure of picking them all up at the dance and taking them to Fridays to eat afterwards. I thought they wouldn't take that long so I waited for them. I went driving around a little bit and even went into the bar for a beer. Needless to say the restaurant was packed with teenagers and people trying to watch the college football games. It took them over an hour to get their food and whatever. I tried to be patient and everything cuz I knew that this was their night and everything. After 12 they got back into the car and I was driving them home.  They were telling me that there were a ton of house parties and stuff that night which would obviously involve alcohol and drugs. Even though I use to partake in those kinds of activities I've always told Rachel and my youngest sister Nicole to not follow in my footsteps. I was so proud of Rachel for choosing to go to a restaurant instead of a stupid high school party. 

We got home and I showed her all of the pictures I took of her and her friends and she loved them and then went to bed. 

It was a great trip home but Rachel's homecoming was definitely the highlight for me. I love being a big sister. But sometimes I wish I lived closer so that I could be there for them.

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