Saturday, December 18, 2010


(BTW, I google'd "Girl Crush" and this was one of the pictures that showed up. In no way is it really relevant to this post. LOL)

So I was in the checkout line at Target last night and I was overcome by the sheer presence of the woman in front of me. OMG! She was gorgeous. My hands started sweating and I couldn't stop staring. I wish I would have taken a picture but I was busy. It wasn't like I wanted to rip her clothes off and do nasty things to her. It was just that she was so well put together and beautiful, that it was inspiring kind of. It sounds weird, I know.

Oh well. We parted ways and I'll probably never see her again. My lesbian heart is broken - hahaha! Just kidding.


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Yamilette27 said...

That is just a girl crush. It happens. I always worry that if i introduce myself I will sound awkward and be embarrassed when all i want is to be her new best friend. LOL