Monday, January 10, 2011

The Big Split

A friend of Sam's, who has recently become a friend of mine, is going through a divorce. She was married to her soon to be ex-husband for about 2 years. I'm not sure of the details of everything but they tried going to counseling and tried some time apart but have decided that it's just not going to work. I was talking to her last night along with Sam's cousin who was telling us how much he loves his girlfriend and how he's pretty sure that they'll end up getting married one day. It kinda made me think of how fast and unprepared I was when getting married. 

Yeah, Sam and I knew each other for a little over a year before we officially tied the knot but I didn't know everything about him and I feel that it's sooo important to put yourself out on the table completely before you get married. Talk about everything, even shit that you don't want the other person to know. Talk about bills and credit card debt, talk about medical history, talk about any legal issues, talk about your family, anything and everything! You don't want to surprise your partner with anything this serious cuz you were too scared to tell them before you were married. 

Everyone has problems/issues so I feel it's important to share them with the person that you'll be sharing your entire life with. 

I'm sure this is common knowledge but I thought I'd just stress this fact considering I was talking about it last night and stuff. 

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