Monday, January 10, 2011

Changes are on the way!

Before I tell you about the awesome changes coming to my blog, I want to thank all of my readers for the support, comments, and follows you've given me since I've started this blog back in 2008. Whether you found me blog through someone else or just stumbled upon it, I thank you. 

Within the next week I'll be changing the layout a little bit and adding some pretty cool posts. I was thinking about moving to wordpress and abandoning blogspot, but I figured I'd just spruce up this site a little bit and continue on with familiar territory.

I'll be doing more vlogs, but vlogs that are actually about something and not just me mumbling and ranting and what not. There will be a weekly movie review and that's where I need your help. I need you  guys to recommend me some movies that you've recently seen or movies that are older but are some of your favorites. I'll be doing a post called "Teach Your Followers" where I'll pick something that I believe I'm good at and teach you how to do it. And no, it probably won't be the traditional make up or hair tutorial or anything. There will be weekly question blogs where I'll be asking  you guys questions or the other way around. Just a little change everywhere! 

I hope you continue to check out my blog and give me your feedback and I know that you'll love the updated blog within the next week!

Thank you everyone!

***EDIT: So I've decided to switch over to wordpress! I'm freaking out about it but I think it's the best decision. I hope all of my followers will follow me on my new wordpress account which is 

I'll be posting my new posts on this blog until I feel that everyone has had enough time to follow my new blog :) Thanks again guys!


Leah said...

This may be a dumb question... but how do I follow you on wordpress if I don't have a wordpress account? Is it possible? I love reading your blog, but tend to stop following people if they move to wordpress. Any advice?

K-Dub said...

Yeah you can! It's pretty easy. Once you get to your Blogger Dashboard, just go down to the bottom under the Blog updates and stuff and you'll see two blue buttons. One says "Add" and the other says "Manage". If you hit the Add button a box will pop up and you can just type in my wordpress address which is and then hit Add. And that should work. If you have any problems with that you can just go to my wordpress blog and in the right corner there's an option to subscribe which will send an email to you when I update.

Thank you so much for follow Leah :)