Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[Funny Things That Happen During Sex]

**Describe your funniest sexual encounters with a loved one, one night stand, or wild fling.**

My embarrassing story begins about a month after moving to New Jersey. I was finally getting use to all of Sam’s friends and family, and finally starting to feel comfortable around them. I knew who I could joke around with and how to joke around with them and I knew who I had to be serious with. Sam’s cousin John was an exception to everything though. This guy is hilarious, wacky, and out of his mind! I could joke around with him, we could have serious conversations, it just didn’t matter. John is one of Sam’s best friends so I knew that it was important that I got along with him, which definitely wasn’t a problem.
One day, Sam and I were getting a little freaky and decided to try something new. For some ridiculous reason, I wanted to be tied up. We kinda looked around the room and we ended up having small bungee cords in the closet. I didn’t care what it was at the time. I was extremely turned on and just wanted to get on with it. Not to get into too much detail, we were in the middle of everything. I was under Sam and I had my hands tied to the headboard above my head and it was crazy and kinky and amazing to say the least.
All of a sudden we hear the front door open and close and we hear John walking through the living room singing some song and we stopped and laid still for about 3 seconds like “holy shit, this is not happening right now”. Sam hurries up and gets up to cover himself but he forgets that I’m completely tied up, and not to mention completely naked. John starts to open the door while Sam throws the comforter on top of me and screams, “wait a second, don’t open the d…”
It was too late… the door is now wide open and John sees me on the bed with my hands tied to the headboard and Sam, covering his private parts with a pair of basketball shorts. John’s face was indescribable and for a few seconds he didn’t move and couldn’t take his eyes away. Then, out of nowhere, he turns away and slams the door shut. Starts apologizing like a psycho and tells us that he should have called and that he’s going to drive around the block.
My face is bright red by now and Sam had finally gotten around to untying me. I grabbed some clothes, put them on, and ran to the bathroom laughing. I was talking to John through the bathroom door and letting him know that it’s fine and that he didn’t have to leave cuz after that, I didn’t have anything to finish.

So, that my friends, is definitely one of my most embarrassing sexual experiences -__-

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